Machine Exercises That Suit Beginners

Machine Exercises That Suit Beginners

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Here''s a great article about exercises which talks about all the ways that exercise helps you lose weight and get in shape fast. Basically, the healthier your diet and the more calories you burn by increasing your metabolism, the more weight you''ll lose. Of course, with some extra help from a real good workout program, things will go even faster. Read on for more advice on finding the best exercises for you.

The aim for beginners to weight training must be to lay the foundations for the intensive workouts that their bodies will eventually be subjected to. Obviously successful bodybuilding involves bringing together disparate elements such as nutrition and rest but choosing the right exercises is crucial. In this article we''ll outline the machine exercises that will enable new bodybuilders to develop the general strength and body conditioning needed.Initially beginners should aim to complete two sets of ten to twelve reps but after a few weeks, when you have developed sufficient control and basic strength, experiment with one set of six to eight reps to failure. This will maximize your muscle growth and give you the impetus to move on to the next stage of development. Before long you''ll find the use of this single piece of equipment restricting, so later in this series of articles we''ll pull together a muscle boosting program that utilizes other equipment to take you to the intermediate level.

In the meantime, get to work with these exercises in order to get used to working your muscles.Start off training four days per week and work body parts on the following basis not forgetting to incorporate rest days:Day 1 - Biceps, Back, AbsDay 2- Hamstrings, Shoulders, AbsDay 3 - Quads, Forearms, CalvesDay 4 - Triceps, Chest, AbsThe exercises recommended for beginners are as follows:CHEST: Chest pressUPPER BACK: Lat pulldown, cable rowSHOULDERS: Shoulder press, upright row, cable shrug, lateral raise, front raiseTRICEPS: Kickback, pushdownBICEPS: Standing curlLOWER BODY: Leg press, leg extension, calf raise, lying leg cur.

TIP: As you can tell by reading this, there''s a lot of stuff to know when you''re deciding whether or not to use this approach. In the meantime, be careful choosing which foods you eat, determine how much fat is in a serving portion, and balance your body''s nutritional requirements so as to maximize fat reduction over total weight loss.

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